Hit the Pitch is BaseballSoftballUK's national participation programme. Please click on the links below for details of affiliated Hit the Pitch leagues, including venues, locations and how to register.

Fancy giving Hit the Pitch a go with your friends or work colleagues? If you would like to sign up your existing team, create a new team, or create a league made up of multiple local teams please contact us for more details.


Baseball for Beginners - Farnham Park (Slough)
Women's & Junior Women's Softball - Farnham Park (Slough)



Manchester Indoor Softball League



Birmingham Workplace Challenge Softball Series
Carluccio's Company Softball
London Sports Industry Challenge
Thames Valley Park Softball Series


Higher Education

National University Baseball Championship
National University Baseball League
National University Softball Championship
South East University Softball League



Slough Primary School Softball League
Slough Secondary School Softball League


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